7 Principles

Burslem Spiritualist Church


Spiritualist Healing requires no faith or belief whatsover on the part of the person seeking it. Nor is it a requirement that the patient has to have the same religious beliefs as that of the Healer administering the healing.

Healing is relayed through the divine source of life. The Healer is a channel and cannot direct or influence this energy but acts as a passive channel.

The two forms of healing are contact healing and absent healing. In contact healing the healer places their hands on or near the person. In absent healing the person is not present and healing thoughts are directed to them.

Spiritual Healing is complementary to orthodox medicine. People under medical supervision should always continue with the treatment their doctor has prescribed. Some doctor's surgeries have a room for Spiritualist Healers.

The healers make no charge for healing however, you may wish to make a donation to the Church. When making home visits, patients may wish to give a donation towards travel so that the healer is not out of pocket.

All of our Healers are SNU trained and work within the SNU Code of Conduct.

If you know someone who is unwell and cannot make it to the church, you may either add them to our healing list and absent healing will be sent out on your behalf, or you may wish for one of our healiers to do a home visit.

Please contact the church if you have such a request.